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There is an $85.00 charge for this service. The $85.00 fee will be refunded if we are unable to locate the party you are seeking. Become a free member for an ongoing discount of $10.00 off this service plus access to our huge database of skip tracing resources.
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  • I'm impressed. Our company has been trying to track down an old employee for over a year that was owed some commissions. On a whim I tried your Guaranteed People Finder service over the weekend. Bingo! Skipsource found our guy living in a different state for his new position. Nice job and quick turnaround!
    - Jeff S. Austin, TX
  • Wow, I came across Skipsource while searching for some old school chums for an upcoming reunion. I liked what I saw about the guarantee, so I decided to kick the tires for one locate. Long story short, you found all 6 people within just 2 days. I'm looking forward to my reunion so much more now and am ecstatic you were able to find the few people I couldn't track down on Google or Facebook. Thanks again.
    - Roger B. Chicago, IL
  • Thank you Skipsource! I loaned a book with huge sentimental value to an old neighbor, who had to move away suddenly due to a family problem. It was quite hectic and I neglected to ask for the book back. I became quite depressed after sending a letter to my neighbor's address, hoping it would simply forward to a new address, but was instead returned to me undeliverable. I thought it was a lost cause after talking to other neighbors and searching for days on the Internet. Then, I found Skipsource. You guys assured me that I had nothing to lose and would not pay a dime unless you were successful. I'm glad to report a happy ending and my favorite old book is now right back on my bookshelf. Your service was a Godsend for me and I'm very grateful.
    - Carol R. Birmingham, AL