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Join Today! provides you with fast, free and convenient access to all the online resources you'll ever need to conduct skip tracing research. We also provide our Guaranteed People Finder Service for tracking down:

  • Old Friends
  • Old Classmates
  • Old Co-Workers
  • Old Teammates
  • Insurance and Will Beneficiaries
  • Class-Action Suit Participants

As the Director of a company specializing in high-school and college reunions, I'm always on the lookout for new and better resources to help our event attendees locate old classmates. Since finding and recommending SkipSource's Guaranteed People Finder service, our event attendance has increased by over 50%. Great online management too! Bruce S. Atlanta, GA

SkipSource Guaranteed People Finder Only Locates Individuals That Want To Be Found

It is important to note that our Guaranteed People Finder Service is NOT CONFIDENTIAL, and therefore should not be utilized by individuals and companies seeking discreet contact information. The party you are seeking will be notified that we have been hired to locate them. If they indicate their desire for their contact information not to be disclosed, we will always comply. Accordingly, our service is NOT suited for:

  • Collection Agencies seeking the location of indebted parties
  • Repo Companies seeking the location of vehicles for reposession
  • Law enforcement seeking individuals with outstanding warrants
  • Attorneys seeking accurate information for Service of Process
  • Child Support Enforcement Agencies seeking deadbeat dads or moms
  • Natural parents or children seeking to reconnect, lost due to an adoption

Our 100% Iron-Clad People Finder Service Guarantee:

If we are unable to locate the individual you are seeking, we will refund 100% of your payment. If the individual you are seeking does not want their address and/or phone number disclosed, we will comply and obtain an email address for contact.

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There is an $85.00 charge for this service. The $85.00 fee will be refunded if we are unable to locate the party you are seeking. Become a free member for an ongoing discount of $10.00 off this service plus access to our huge database of skip tracing resources.
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This is NOT a confidential service and we do not track down people discreetly. The party you are seeking will be notified that we have been hired to locate them.
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  • I'm impressed. Our company has been trying to track down an old employee for over a year that was owed some commissions. On a whim I tried your Guaranteed People Finder service over the weekend. Bingo! Skipsource found our guy living in a different state for his new position. Nice job and quick turnaround!
    - Jeff S. Austin, TX
  • Wow, I came across Skipsource while searching for some old school chums for an upcoming reunion. I liked what I saw about the guarantee, so I decided to kick the tires for one locate. Long story short, you found all 6 people within just 2 days. I'm looking forward to my reunion so much more now and am ecstatic you were able to find the few people I couldn't track down on Google or Facebook. Thanks again.
    - Roger B. Chicago, IL
  • Thank you Skipsource! I loaned a book with huge sentimental value to an old neighbor, who had to move away suddenly due to a family problem. It was quite hectic and I neglected to ask for the book back. I became quite depressed after sending a letter to my neighbor's address, hoping it would simply forward to a new address, but was instead returned to me undeliverable. I thought it was a lost cause after talking to other neighbors and searching for days on the Internet. Then, I found Skipsource. You guys assured me that I had nothing to lose and would not pay a dime unless you were successful. I'm glad to report a happy ending and my favorite old book is now right back on my bookshelf. Your service was a Godsend for me and I'm very grateful.
    - Carol R. Birmingham, AL